The Latest Ad By Manforce Condoms Gives Safe Sex A Whole New Meaning #ShutThePhoneUp

The latest campaign by Manforce Condoms has been going viral over the last week, and we have the background covered for you. It’s a public service awareness campaign called ‘Shut The Phone Up’ which talks about having safe sex and not filming any private moments on your phone.

The story revolves around a couple on their honeymoon, who are having the time of their lives till they realise something has gone terribly wrong. Check it out here:

Research says that 1 out 5 couples have filmed their private moments on their phones, making them vulnerable to voyeurism and illegal pornography. This often results in suicide, blackmail and also divorces.

The brand has addressed a larger issue here, aiming to bring to light this sensitive yet important issue. Safe sex is not just about using protection, but it’s also about protection from vulnerability of giving someone access to your private moments on tape. With 19% of couple in India filming their intimate moments, the meaning of protection and safe sex definitely has many more connotations to it.