10 Insane Places Used Creatively For Ads!

You’d think that there are billboards and benches and hoardings and bus stops and trees. And maybe a couple of other cool places that you see ads on. But there are some creative geniuses out there, for whom the outdoor space is one big playground! Check these gems which made us go – “Howwwww could you have thought of this?”


1) On a conveyor belt!

A casual pack of eggs that travelled oh-so-safe on the airline.

33a96672_a443_virgin eggs2

2) Submerged in water!

Let’s give people a lil teaser of the movie “Day After Tomorrow”

33 a96672_a443_dayaftertomorrow2

3) In sea shells just lying around on the beach

Lookin for some sea food? Come to us, yo!

33 a96672_a443_seafood2

4) Across electric wires

Who would have thought you can blow up giant sized nose hair! Gross, but well effective!


33 ds-outdoor-32

5) On an open DRAIN!

Powerful way to raise awareness about education for the homeless children.


6) Casually next to an EXIT sign

AXE, who else. Sigh!


7) Bowling alley!

Maybe not the most shocking place, but it’s so clever!


8) Just hanging out…

Are you in Good Hands? We hear you, Allstate.

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9) At the end of an ice-cream!

No amount of Mommys and Dentists lecturing can be as effective as this!


10) In the middle of nowhere!

If this doesn’t catch your eye, then you’re probably blind. Just saying.