Mumbai Police Just Tweeted About ‘Eleven’ From Stranger Things And Netflix Joined In

The Mumbai Police twitter handle is lit af. From burning drug lords to spreading awareness about sexual harassment, the twitter handle is one of the fiercest around town. (Click here to view their sassiest tweets)The are very contemporary, and regularly used Game of Thrones references while the 7th season was airing.

This is what they did last week, in the lead up to the Halloween release of Stranger Things’ second season.

And Netflix, the platform which streams the popular show responded with a GIF right away.

Very swiftly, the Mumbai police handle shared the contact details to use when there’s ‘Danger Danger’.

People straight away started calling out for a raise for the admin of the handle.

And others couldn’t stop applauding the handle

We couldn’t agree more, keep them coming kind Sir/Ma’am.