Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Wished Us On Diwali, And We Got Offended

Welcome to the world of the easily offended. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau donned a swanky black sherwani and lit diyas in Ottawa to celebrate Diwali, and then politely sent a tweet out to wish everyone who was celebrating this festival.

He wished everyone “Diwali Mubarak”…

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…. and we got offended.

While we agree that ‘Mubarak’ literally translated from Arabic means ‘blessed’ and is largely used to wish someone Eid Mubarak, the reaction which followed was uncalled for.

Then someone ordered Mr. Trudeau to correct his mistake.

Then we got political, and this one isn’t even a Canadian citizen.


Is it really that difficult to see past the words and understand the emotions behind them? A world leader wished everyone on a festival, lets feel good about it for a moment and move on with our lives!

He has always tried to be part of respectful cultural exchanges, he has encouraged communities coming together, and yet we found a way to point out a flaw at something he wasn’t really obligated to do in the first place.

And if you are worried about Justin Trudeau’s tweets, imagine the plight of people south of the Canadian border and the kind of tweets their national leader puts out in the universe.