After Obsessing Over Cleanliness In The Lead Up To Diwali, Have You Ever Thought About It The Day After It’s Over?

It’s that time of the year again! The entire nation is twinkling with pretty lights, the neighbourhood is decked up with festivities, and we have all cleaned up every nook and corner of our homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi! Yes, Diwali is here!

All Indian households spend a significant amount of time and effort to meticulously spruce up their homes so it looks perfect on the day of Diwali. But let’s take a moment to think about ‘the day after’. What happens on the day right after Diwali? It’s ironic that the festival for which such extensive cleanliness is undertaken, leaves the country looking a lot like this the very next day:



It’s the harsh truth that comes with the festivities. Our housing complexes, streets, any open gardens and so on – they’re all left in a ridiculous state, because not many care to clean up once Diwali is over. Is this fair? Should everything change so drastically overnight? From being obsessed about even a speck of dust on the dining table, to turning a complete blind eye to all the mess we create outside our homes. Doesn’t add up, right?

While many brands have themed campaigns on the joyous moments of Diwali, Indiabulls Home Loans has picked up the topic of ‘Swachh Bharat’ in their latest campaign. It compels us to think about the mess that we create during Diwali, and pushes us towards a more responsible celebration!



The campaign does a great job of leaving the viewers with the thought of a cleaner ‘day after Diwali’. Indiabulls Home Loans has taken the lead on the subject, and pioneered a small yet important thought change. The campaign urges us to spare a thought for the collateral effects of celebrating carelessly. This Diwali, each of us can contribute by keeping our cities clean, along with our homes. It would go a long way in making Diwali extra special! What do you guys think?