An Ad Agency Has Vowed To Stop Objectifying Women Through This Sarcastic Video

Finally an ad agency is not only owning up to it’s mistakes, but also pledging to quit one of advertising’s most hated habit – Objectifying Women.

An American agency called Badger & Winters has made this video titled “We Are #WomenNotObjects”, and takes us through the many sexist ads that we have seen in the past. That alongiwth a very sarcastic comment on what the ads convey literally, makes for a hard-hitting video.

“I love giving blow jobs to sandwiches” – ofcourse directing to this tasteless Burger King Ad.

Here’s the video, with many more such references.


We aren’t sure if the industry will actually move away from objectifying women, but as AdWeek rightly pointed out, even Axe, after years of sexist advertising, is showing signs of improvement, by talking about things apart from attracting women these days.