This Apology Letter From A Dad To A Daughter Is As Real As It Can Get #ShareTheLoad

Here’s a father visiting his daughter’s home and realizing that all these years, he’s missed out on something very important. He sees his daughter come back from work, take care of her son, do the laundry and also make tea and dinner for the family, while the husband sits on the couch and watches television. A normal Indian household, right?

Instead of knocking some sense into his son-in-law, however, he finds himself responsible for this set up, and talks about that in his letter.

This letter will definitely make you reconsider what you are doing, while someone else in your family is slogging away with all the household chores. And no, you don’t have to be a husband for it. You could be anyone. A son, daughter, father, friend – anyone.

The one thing you can’t deny – this is very very real, and all of us have seen it happen.